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Wondershare Recoverit Crack [CracksMind] 64 Bitl · lulowin 64 bits descarga gratis.rar · HACK Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery .Our education system is plagued by a sense of lazy intellectualism among teachers, says Nigel Pleming. The solution to fix it is not to introduce more tests, but to 'think harder'

Nigel Pleming has been teaching English at Leeds Met for 11 years and he’s quickly become a firm favourite with his pupils at the school. His teaching is imaginative and creative – a perfect antidote to the pedantry of workbooks and exam systems. He’s also a great encourager of his students and teachers at the same time. While his greatest lessons might not feature in the exam syllabus, he constantly seeks to improve the teaching and learning of his students at the school. This ability to ‘think hard and play hard’ is what has secured him a place on my shortlist of the 60 Best People to Work for in 2016.

I was struck by Nigel’s observations after a meeting with him in late summer as he reflected on his old exams. ‘I was testing for four or five different English Baccalauréat levels simultaneously and the ability to think and carry out the special features within those tests, and then bring them together to produce a coherent and meaningful response, must be a skill that we may be missing. I don’t have any choice but to test for a specific level of English in my teaching – the students are ready for it, and it’s at a level that I believe will benefit them,’ he says.

Empathy is the central business of education – Nigel Pleming

Nigel’s comment about the students being ready for the ‘levelled’ English exams was borne out by a recent Ofsted inspection. Nigel’s creative teaching methods have seen him rise through the teaching ranks in Leeds. In a recent Ofsted inspection his students received an outstanding rating. And his team of colleagues was assessed as outstanding too. It’s no wonder Nigel won the support and admiration of staff and students alike.

In his role at Leeds Met, Nigel has done much to create a safe and trusting environment for the children under his care. A key part of this has been his willingness to extend beyond teaching to his students’


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